BDVe webinar recording - "New challenges for data regulation beyond the GDPR: how to assess risks and develop tools in an era of AI?"

February 4, 2020 in webinar

e-SIDES was featured in the first BDVe webinar of the year held on January 31 2020. The webinar, which presented the perspectives of two ICT projects (e-SIDES and SMOOTH) was centred around the following question: What approaches are being taken to tackle the policy challenges within the big data landscape, and how are these solutions coping in reality?

During the webinar Daniel Bachlechner, Fraunhofer ISI and e-SIDES representative, discussed the organizational and technical challenges that privacy-preserving big data technologies present, and how an increased level of dialogue between stakeholders can pave the way for appropriate and fair solutions.

Rosa M. Araujo Rivero from SMOOTH delved into the main challenges experienced by SMEs and startups in dealing with GDPR compliance. Rosa’s work with the SMOOTH project demonstrated how the proposed solutions are experienced in practice.

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