D3.2 Assessment of Existing Technologies: the new report by e-SIDES is now online

June 26, 2018 in

Within the scope of the report, the technologies described in the Deliverable 3.1 (Overview of Existing Technologies) are assessed taking the societal and ethical issues discussed in Deliverable 2.2 (Lists of ethical, legal, societal and economic issues of big data technologies) into account.

The assessment consists of two parts: a technology-specific assessment of selected classes of technologies and a more general assessment of the technologies. Among the assessed technologies are technologies for anonymisation and sanitisation, encryption, multi-party computation, access control, policy enforcement, accountability and transparency, data provenance, and access, portability and user control. With respect to the issues, the focus is on privacy but issues and values such as self-determination, welfare interdependency, trustworthiness, accountability, fairness and legislation are also taken into account. The assessment is based on a series of interviews and desk research.

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