Data Ethics will be the new competitive advantage

July 24, 2018 in

According to Jonas Knudsen, Research Director, member of the IDC Future of Work practice and IDC Health Insights lead, "data ethics are essential if we are to benefit from the opportunities arising from the likes of artificial intelligence and machine learning, while also acting as a digitally responsible society.

The data economy is based on one essential pillar — trust. I need to trust you to handle my data securely and privately. I need to trust that you don’t gather more than I have given permission for you to gather. And in the end, I need to trust that the data is only used for the purposes we have agreed on. If you deliberately or even unwittingly breach our mutual understanding, then you will lose my loyalty and, maybe, also the most valuable thing of all — my personal data. So, to stay in business, governments, vendors, and others that tap into or create data lakes must apply a strict form of data ethics."

Read more in the new IDC blog post by Jonas Knusden: