e-SIDES @ 4th European Technology Assessment Conference

November 6, 2019 in event

e-SIDES was at the 4th European Technology Assessment Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia!

Session title: “Responsible data-driven innovation: Today and tomorrow”

5 November 2019, h. 15:15-17:15


Moderator: Daniel Bachlechner - Download the slides

  • Tjerk Timan (TNO, BDVA)
  • Bart Custers (Univ. Leiden, e-SIDES project) - Download the slides
  • Rigo Wenning (W3C, SPECIAL project)
  • Alexandra Ebert (Mostly AI)
  • Stefan Strauß (Austrian Academy of Sciences).

The discussion focused on the following questions:

  • How responsible is data-driven innovation today? Where have we made most progress? Where do we need to intensify our efforts?
  • Which measures have been particularly helpful in making data-driven innovation more responsible? Which not? What are the limitations?
  • What new challenges related to responsibility are emerging in the field of data-driven innovation? How can we make sure that they are addressed?
  • What perspectives does data-driven innovation have? What role will responsibility play in the future? What priorities do we need to set now?