e-SIDES at NordSteva Conference - Data, security, values: vocations and visions of data analysis

Data analysis can have many vocations and visions. Coding, programming and algorithmically interpreting data is informed by the concepts, ideas, values and affordances of the technologies and people that engage with data. Even if the word data means “given”, information becomes socially and politically imbued as soon as it is selected and categorized to make it available for analysis. Such insights are no longer only subject of academic critique, but the normativity of data analysis has by now become integrated into public discourses. In fact, the value of data has created a new market for moral entrepreneurs, who re-frame data analysis as a tool for moral engineering and security politics.

At the core of NordSteva conference, annually organized by the Peace Research Institute Oslo, is the idea to explore how values, ideas and concepts are not only necessarily embedded in data analysis, but also in what way they are productive. The relationship between data analysis, ideas and values is discussed by looking at the workings of digital security technologies, data security policies or the security politics of data.

On December 11, Karolina La Fors (postdoc researcher at eLaw - Leiden University and e-SIDES) will deliver the presentation "User-Centric Responses to Psychometric Testing & Targeted Advertising". The presentation, based on a paper written by M. Leiser, K. La Fors, B. Custers, E. Keymolen, will highlight the main problems and solutions so far in this field, as well as stress the importance of a combination of legal, technological and ethical responses.

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Dec 11, 2018

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Hausmanns gate 3

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