e-SIDES discussing privacy-preserving technologies in the age of big data at WISP 2018

January 10, 2019 in

On December 13, 2018 e-SIDES attended the 9th annual Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP) held in San Francisco, California. The workshop, jointly hosted by AIS SIGSEC (Special Interest Group on Information Security and Privacy), Bright Initiative Group and IFIP TC 11.1, gathered scholars, practitioners, and doctoral students interested in information security and privacy to exchange ideas and encourage collaboration among the members of the SIGSEC community and others.

During this one day workshop, senior researchers also provided valuable feedback on research papers around the following topics: socio-technical analysis of information security/ privacy, cultural issues in information security and privacy, analysis of system vulnerabilities and risk exposure, cybersecurity and diplomacy, bright internet safe platforms, freedom of expression, privacy protection and more.

Daniel Bachlechner (Fraunhofer ISI and e-SIDES) presented the work carried out by e-SIDES and the main research outcomes of the project. Starting from the assumption that big data applications have positive and negative effects, the first step in the project was to identify important ethical, legal, societal and economic issues raised by big data applications. The second step was to provide an overview of existing Privacy-Preserving Technologies (PPTs) that may have the potential to address some of the issues, while the third one consisted in an assessment of the technologies.

Finally, based on the conclusion that PPTs are essential but their use is only slowly becoming common practice, the last step consisted in an analysis of gaps in the implementation of existing Privacy-Preserving Technologies that may be used in the big data context.

The occasion was also particularly relevant in order to invite researchers examining Privacy-Preserving Technologies and Big Data analytics, and worrying about privacy and ethical issues, to share their opinions to guide forward the research in this field and contribute to the recommendations that will be developed by the e-SIDES project through the interaction with the community.

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Furthermore, the following paper focused on Privacy-Preserving Technologies was presented:

Bachlechner, D.; La Fors, K.; Sears, A. (2018). The Role of Privacy-Preserving Technologies in the Age of Big Data. In: Proceedings of the 13th Pre-ICIS Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP 2018), December 13, 2018, San Francisco, USA.

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