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e-SIDES discussing user-centric responses to Psychometric Testing & Targeted Advertising at NordSteva Conference 2018

December 12, 2018 in

On December 11, Karolina La Fors (postdoc researcher at eLaw - Leiden University and e-SIDES) delivered the presentation "User-Centric Responses to Psychometric Testing & Targeted Advertising" at NordSteva Conference 2018. The conference, held in Oslo, Norway between December 10-11, 2018 was centered around the theme "Data, Security, Values: Vocations and Visions of Data Analysis".

The presentation, based on a paper written by M. Leiser, K. La Fors, B. Custers, E. Keymolen, started from an overview of how psychometric and targeted advertising work and how they exploit our personal data.

During the presentation, La Fors highlighted the main problems with solutions so far identified in the field of psychometric testing and targeted advertising, as well as stressed the importance of a combination of legal, technological and ethical responses.

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