e-SIDES Workshop at BDV Meet-Up Sofia: "Technology solutions for privacy issues: what is the best way forward?"

The European Big Data Value community will gather the 16th of May in Sofia, Bulgaria, in an event organised by the Big Data Value PPP, with the twofold objective of strengthening collaborations among community members and increasing the visibility and awareness about the PPP in East Europe in general and Bulgaria in particular.

The event, which will be preceded by two days of workshops and parallel sessions for PPP projects and BDVA members, will involve relevant keynotes from Bulgaria and the EC.The agenda combines keynotes and speeches from official Bulgarian representatives, members of the European Commission and industrial players. You can find the detailed agenda here.

Entrance to workshops in 14-15th by invitation. The e-SIDES workshop will be on Day 1 from h. 17.00 to h. 18.30 - Room Musala.

Workshop description:

Can technology guarantee the anonymization of personal data without losing the value added of analytics? What is the best approach to design privacy-aware solutions and services without falling into ethical traps, such as fostering discrimination and unfairness? Which data technologies are best to preserve privacy and security? Can we move from technology as the problem (violating privacy) to technology as the solution? This workshop will start from the project e-SIDES analysis and classification of the main PETs (privacy-enhancing technologies) to assess with participants the state of the art, discuss the emerging challenges, and carry out a collaborative discussion on the possible guidelines of responsible research and innovation in this field (see also D3.1 Overview of existing technologies). A fully interactive and open discussion workshop.

Workshop agenda:

- Welcome and Introduction by Gabriella Cattaneo, e-SIDES - presentation on "Privacy-enhancing technologies: do no evil?"

- Panel with Presentations by ICT 18 projects

- Q&A and Voting with Mentimeter tool (Bring your smartphone, we'll ask you to support your opinions by voting in real time)

- Open discussion "What is the best way forward?" on most promising technologies and potential guidelines for responsible research and innovation in developing PETs

- Wrap up and close

Call for contribution:

We invite researchers carrying out research on privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs), or more generally on Big Data analytics and worrying about privacy and ethical issues, to share their concerns, their successes, and their opinions on guiding forwards research in this field. Contact us at [email protected].

To register: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/big-data-value-meet-up...

Find more at: BDV Meet-Up

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May 14, 2018

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BDV Meet-Up
Inter Expo Center

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