Fostering the social debate on cybersecurity

March 27, 2018 in General

The growing complexity of the digital ecosystem in combination with increasing global risks entail the danger that enforcing cybersecurity may bypass other fundamental values like equality, fairness or privacy, whereas downplaying cybersecurity would undermine citizens’ trust and confidence in the digital infrastructure. This issue is currently being addressed by CANVAS, a Coordination and Support Action in the European Union Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The project, which started in September 2016, aims at establishing an alliance for value-driven cybersecurity, taking as a starting point the assumption that technology development in cybersecurity should incorporate European values and fundamental rights.

Since these topics are clearly in the focal point of e-SIDES, the two projects have collaborated in several occasions leveraging synergies and exchanging results. Issues like privacy, trust and security have been taken into consideration by CANVAS in 4 White Papers investigating cybersecurity from the ethical, legal, societal and technological perspectives.

CANVAS White Papers

Canvas White Paper 1 – Cybersecurity and Ethics

This White Paper outlines how the ethical discourse on cybersecurity has developed in the scientific literature: which ethical issues gained interest, which value conflicts are discussed, and where the “blind spots” in the current ethical discourse on cybersecurity are located. The White Paper is based on an extensive literature with a focus on three reference domains with unique types of value conflicts: health, business/finance and national security.

Canvas White Paper 2 – Cybersecurity and Law

This White Paper explores the legal dimensions of the EU’s value-driven cybersecurity. It identifies main critical challenges in this area and discusses specific controversies concerning cybersecurity regulation.

Canvas White Paper 3 – Attitudes and Opinions Regarding Cybersecurity

This White Paper summarises currently available empirical data about attitudes and opinions of citizens and state actors regarding cybersecurity. For citizens’ perspectives, three social spheres of particular interest are examined: 1) health, 2) business, 3) police and national security.

Canvas White Paper 4 – Technological Challenges in Cybersecurity

This White Paper summarizes the current state of discussion regarding the main technological challenges in cybersecurity and impact of those, including ways and approaches to addressing them, on key fundamental values. It provides an overview on current cybersecurity threads and countermeasures and focuses on ethical dilemmas that emerge when counteracting those threads.

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Upcoming events

2018/04/24–25: Workshop “Value-sensitive Cybersecurity in Health”, Regensburg, Germany

2018/05/28–29: Workshop Workshop “Towards a value-sensitive Cybersecurity Industry”, Helsinki, Finland

2018/09/05–07: Workshop “Value-sensitive Cybersecurity in National Security”, Bern, Switzerland

2018/09/24–26: ETHICOMP 2018 – Living with Cybersecurity: A Shared Responsibility