The new e-SIDES Deliverable 4.1 Results of the gap analysis is online!

October 29, 2018 in General

The current deliverable provides a gap analysis between the findings of Deliverable 2.2 and Deliverable 3.2 of e-SIDES.

Deliverable 2.2 had the objective to provide a general assessment of ethical, legal, societal and economic issues that emerge in different big data contexts in general. Deliverable 3.2 provided a technology-specific assessment of classes of currently existing privacy-preserving big data solutions including their effectiveness in addressing ethical and societal issues and the challenges that arise from the very implementation of these solutions. In Deliverable 3.2 we concluded that ethical and societal issues remain present, mainly because available technologies are not widely integrated into big data solutions. This implementation gap is the focus of this new report.

Two types of gaps can be distinguished. First, there may be issues for which there are no effective solutions. Second, there may be issues for which solutions do exist, but those solutions are not used or implemented. The first type of gap could be addressed by further developing design requirements for privacy preserving big data technologies and innovating new types of solutions. For the second type of gap, further technological developments are not required, but rather finding the reasons for which the existing and available solutions are not used and implemented is needed. Perhaps the solutions are unknown, too expensive or not considered a priority. Depending on the reasons behind this, next steps can be formulated to address the ethical, legal, societal and economic issues.

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