What are the ethical challenges associated with the use of AI?

July 27, 2018 in

Artificial Intelligence (AI) relies on big data and machine learning for a lot of applications: autonomous vehicles, algorithmic trading and data mining are just some examples. AI presents opportunities to enrich the way industry and governments operate, however, these opportunities come with associated ethical challenges, brought to the fore by the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, which require careful consideration.

The main question we should ask ourselves is: How do we ensure the ethical and responsible use of AI?

The main ethical challenges identified by the World Economic Forum are:

Decision-making and liability: It will become more difficult to determine responsibility for decisions.
Transparency: It may be difficult to identify the causes behind a specific action.
Bias: Machine learning systems can pursue discrimination and other existing bias in decision-making systems.
Human values: Without programming, AI systems have no default values or common sense.
Data protection and IP: What happens when an AI system is trained on one data set, then applies learnings to a new data set?

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