Which data technologies play a key role to preserve privacy and security? New Summary Report by e-SIDES

April 26, 2018 in General

This summary report provides an overview of existing approaches, methods and technologies that may have the potential to address ethical, legal, societal and economic issues raised by big data applications. Among the issues are threats to privacy and self-determination, strong interdependencies, limited trustworthiness and lack of accountability. While numerous issues are taken into account, threats to privacy receive particular attention. Technologies considered as privacy enhancing or privacy-preserving were identified and assigned to eleven classes: anonymisation, sanitisation, encryption, multi-party computation, access control, policy enforcement, accountability, data provenance, transparency, access and portability, and user control.

Building on the research presented in the Deliverable D3.1 - Overview of Existing Technologies published in February 2018, we have looked for practical examples and stressed the role played by the classes of technologies in other research on privacy-preserving big data technologies and data-driven innovation funded by the EU under the H2020 Programme.

Download the report here: http://e-sides.eu/resources/which-data-technologie...