Will 2019 be the year of ethical AI?

November 19, 2018 in General

According to Philip Carnelley, Associate Vice President, European Software Group at IDC, "[...] AI is driving a major conversation in the industry, among businesses and consumers around the ethical use of IT. And, this is largely being driven from Europe, which is building on its thinking around privacy (GDPR), consumers’ personal data being the basis for so many AI implementations today. Earlier this year, President Macron, launching a multi-billion euro AI strategy for France, emphasized the need to develop a “European” approach to AI, balancing AI and innovation. The UK Parliament’s House of Lords has made similar noises about AI’s need to police itself – speaking of not just a threat, but also an opportunity through creating a more desirable AI offer. A grass roots AI initiative called CLAIRE, started up by scientists in the Netherlands earlier this year, has attracted support from well over 1000 European scientists and AI luminaries. Its goal is to strengthen AI research and innovation in Europe, and it is heavily emphasizing a European approach around “human-centered AI.

[...] It surely can’t be long before someone takes legal action against a company’s use of AI. Likely scenarios include someone turned down for a loan or insurance by an algorithm, or, worse, who feels they’ve been discriminated against unfairly in a recruitment process, or worst of all, someone who feels they’ve been given the wrong medical treatment – or none at all – thanks to AI. Or it could be some unfortunate accident or hold-up due to a maintenance problem potentially arising from an AI algorithm. IDC believes it’s likely a high-profile case of this sort will be brought during 2019 – and it’s most likely to be in Europe, if it revolves around the use of personal data."

Read more in the new IDC blog post by Philip Carnelley: http://blog-idcuk.com/2019-the-yeary-of-ethical-ai...