Deliverable 5.3 Community Position Paper

The primary aim of this document is to map challenges and opportunities of big data stakeholders in respect to designing, implementing and using privacy-preserving technologies within big data contexts. Although privacy-preserving technologies have a huge potential in adding value to the big data economy that increasingly capitalises upon how data can be used, reused, and exploited for multiple purposes by fostering citizen-centric responsible innovation. The paper outlines the potential but also the core challenges and limitations of responsibly innovating privacy-preserving technologies that could function as data security measures for more accountable big data solutions.

Moreover, this community position paper also offers an outlook upon potential opportunities that can also be regarded as recommendations for improving big data governance structures in a manner that big data innovation, including the innovation of privacy-preserving technologies, becomes more responsible and accountable. The last includes a combination of ethical, legal, societal, and economic opportunities resulting from the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

By bringing together the viewpoints of different members of the big data community who are often isolated from each other, by this community position paper we attempted to build bridges between their views and relied upon them in order to reflect upon the challenges and opportunities of shaping more accountable big data governance and privacy-preserving technology innovation.

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